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Seed Packs
Seed Packs
Seed Packs
Seed Packs
Seed Packs
Seed Packs

Seed Packs

Canada Copepods

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Create A Tank That Feeds & Cleans Itself with one of our Seed Packs.

Each pack contains enough Copepods & Rotifers to seed a reproducing, self-sustaining population of live, natural food for your tank, with enough Phytoplankton to feed the system for months.

The recommended system size is an estimate and can vary greatly depending on livestock and availability of hiding places for the zooplankton. The indicated water volumes are the largest system the culture should be able to sustain itself long-term in a typical setup. This means that by seeding an appropriate amount for your system size and feeding the system phytoplankton regularly, your copepods and rotifers will reproduce in your aquarium at least at the same rate at which they are consumed. Adding above the recommended amount is only advantageous; it allows them to reproduce faster than they are consumed to make up for loss during regular maintenance of the tank, and keeping your reef very well-fed through the day. Adding additional zooplankton will not cause any changes in water chemistry.

For systems of 50 gallons or less the estimate per gallon is higher, as all fish that are suitable for systems of that size eat almost entirely zooplankton in the wild. It also assumes that for systems of 50 gallons or less there is no slow-flow macro algae refugium. For systems of 50 gallons or more the estimate assumes there is a refugium area for increased propagation. Each order comes with a bottle of our High Concentration Phytoplankton blend.


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